1. David Bruehl
Followers : 3837 / Photos : 459 / Instagram Username : davidbruehl

A fantastic painter & tattoo artist, Mr. Bruehl posts pictures of some of the traditional American tattoos that he creates alongside his hand painted flash.

2. Mister Mort
Followers : 5525 / Photos : 927 / Instagram Username : mistermort

Mister Mort is one of my favourite sites to check at the minute, it’s a street style blog that sees Mort travel the world & take pictures of well dressed folk. His instagram is just as good, with heaps of pictures of interesting characters he finds on his travels.

3. Remio VTS
Followers : 4494 / Photos : 568 / Instagram Username : remyvts

If you have an interest in graffiti then it’s a given that you know the name Remio,
this guy has style for miles & his instagram is a nice little look at the mischief him & his crew get up to in LA / Brazil & wherever else they end up painting.

4. Aaron Bondaroff
Followers : 5176 / Photos : 647 / Instagram Username : aaronbondaroff

Where else can you see pictures of Harmony Korine chilling with Riff Raff, along with pictures of Mister Mort, The Arab Parrot, Jason Dill & practically everyone else who passes through NY & LA? On the man behind aNYthing’s instagram of course.


5. Todd James Reas
Followers : 1946 / Photos : 48 / Instagram Username : toddjamesreas

Last but not least, one of my favourite artists from New york, the ridiculously talented Todd James, aka Reas, who posts pictures of rough sketches, things he’s working on in the studio, and all round buttery behind the scenes goodness.