So, last week we sat down with Rich Gilligan, the Irish skateboarding photographer who we collaborated with on a tee for FF201201, and this week it’s time for us to present a few questions to Jay Wright, the immensely talented Nottingham born Illustrator who drew our wrong boards tee. Have a look at some of his rough sketches, a variety of his personal work & what he had to say about the collaboration below.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jay Wright. I was born and raised in Nottingham, in the midlands.
I now live and work in the city of Bristol. I’m now apparently an illustrator too.


What have you been doing this summer?

After three weeks in NY, I spent some of this summer cycling from Rotterdam to Berlin. Which was insanely good! I was then showing work in a group show with some friends from the UDK illustration class in Berlin. I was planning to settle in Berlin and try (again) to live there. After studying there at the UDK two summers ago, I have been determined to get back. But, after another few nuts weeks there, I’m glad to be back here, in my studio in Bristol. I feel so lucky to be able to draw pictures for living, hang out in my studio listening to tunes and skate to the market to get my lunch.

How did the collaboration with FF come about?

It was actually a good friend of mine, and a great photographer Theo Cottle who got me in contact with Josh from FF. To be asked to draw some dudes falling off long boards is the best thing ever. Just simply drawing people doing ‘stuff’ is what most illustrators want to draw. So I had loads of fun creating the final design,
and I’m mega pleased with how it came out.

Any plans in the near future?

Although I’m loving this summer I can’t wait until February. I have been asked to do a residency in the city of Linz, Austria. I’ll be working at a place called the Salzamt, which is a refurbished salt storage factory in the centre of the city. It’s now a culture institution, which invites artist and designers from all over the world to work, study and live within the house. Apart from that I’m going to keep working everyday and hopefully do more cool projects like the one with FF.


Make sure to check out all of Jay’s other illustration work here, and pick up the tee here.