The first post on interesting instagrams (see here) was pretty enjoyable to put together, and got a strong reaction, so I thought it was about time for a new one. As per usual I’m wasting a ridiculous amount of time on instagram (see here & here) and it’s still an interesting little tool to document various things you come across & stuff you’re into, whilst having a little peek into the lives of talented creatives around the world, it’s not all just pictures of puppies & starbucks I swear. See 5 interesting Instagrams below.

1. Erik Brunetti
Followers : 6144 / Photos : 799 / Instagram Username : erik brunetti

Erik Brunetti’s instagram offers an interesting look into the life of the outspoken man behind legendary brand Fuct. There’s a distinctly American feel to this one, with enough pictures of guns, Harleys, piglets & cowboy hats to keep everyone happy.

2. Roid
Followers : 9102 / Photos : 463 / Instagram Username : willis82

A personal favourite from this post is an ultra talented artist, designer & graffiti writer hailing from the United Kingdom, Roid’s instagram is full of snaps of sketches, paintings, various murals & pictures from his travels around the world, well worth a look.

3. Bert Krak
Followers : 17443 / Photos : 313 / Instagram Username : krakhouse

In the last post we featured David Bruehl, but it’s hard to talk about tattooing / tattooers without giving Bert Krak a mention. The New York powerhouse posts snaps of the incredible tattoos he does, alongside hand painted flash & his pack of pooches.

4. Mister Mort
Followers : 8970 / Photos : 1661 / Instagram Username : mistermort

Yeah I know he was featured on the last one, but Mister Mort is great, and has uploaded a tonne of gems in the past few months, his approach to capturing street style / menswear is refreshing, and the people he chooses to photograph are always interesting.

5. yimmyayo
Followers : 11904 / Photos : 606 / Instagram Username : yimmyayo

Our Australian pal Yimmy has recently moved to the U.S.A, and seems to be killing it by the looks of his entertaining instagram.